About Us

Scope Bathrooms is one of the leading contract suppliers in the Scottish bathroom industry, and is highly respected by house-builders, architects, interior designers, contractors, and consultants for its consultancy and supply services to the sector.

Scope has an enviable track record in supplying prestigious residential projects covering all house types: Executive, Apartment, Townhouse, Conversion. Its customer base also covers a wide range of clients, from large-scale corporate house builders, to independent medium-sized companies and smaller private specialists.

Scope has also supplied bathrooms to some of the most famous hotels in the UK, mostly in Scotland, but also now into Northern and Southern England. To do this, Scope has developed strong partnerships with the most famous brands in the bathroom industry, and strong working relationships with hotel industry specialists.

Our final area of expertise is in washroom provision for public areas in the leisure industry and commercial sector.

Scope is a Consultant in the truest sense of the word. We provide guidance on specification development, costings, technical & design issues. The company is also a strong operator however, and manages dedicated project stock to ensure the best delivery performance possible.

More details of our portfolio and service can be found throughout the website.

We would be delighted to work with new clients from any of the above fields, and would like to meet up to discuss contract requirements. Please contact us for further information.